Getting Started in Community Organizing

qtq80-H81BuWMost people want to know where to start when trying to bring a community together to work on an issue. There is no one way to reach the people in your community because each situation is unique. In this blog I will share with you the creative ways we have worked in communities bringing people together to work on/for a common cause.

First: You must identify the need for bringing people together.

  • Once you identify a need you can rally people together to help work on problems and solutions.

Second: Involve some of the key people in the community in your effort to rally people together.

  • Key people will be those who have the problems. They will be the ones willing to work on solutions for solving their problems.

Third: Host meetings in the community in a ‘safe place’ *always keep in mind that churches aren’t always identified as safe places when dealing with communities. There is no prejudice against the church, it’s just that everyone in the community does not consider it a safe haven.

  • Choose a school, community center, etc. A place seen as a non threatening environment.

Fourth: Don’t be the expert, allow the people to share with you what they identify as a need in their community.

  • People with the problems have the power to solve them.

Fifth: Allow them to assist in the facilitation of the meetings. The leader generally emerges after the 2nd or 3rd meeting. Once they appear start to groom them for the leadership role. Encourage them to take the lead in helping to identify and solve the problems in the community.

Sixth: The persons identified as leaders will be instrumental in rallying the people together for future meetings. Groom them through hands on training, sending them to various leadership training’s, have them to recruit others of interest that will be instrumental in working in leadership roles in their community. Once leaders are identified, the original organizer takes the role of facilitator and begins to assist in identifying resources available to help the group take the next step.